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This is still beta version of library and documentation.

Project Description
Flex via Flash (FVF) is small framework that enables Flash CS3 developer to use and create Flex applications and componentsfrom FLash CS3

Naming conventions
FVF Internals

If you work in Flash and Flex, first question that everybody ask is: "Is there any way to use Flex component from Flash (CS3)?" It will be super if we can add those pretty-looking Flex components into Flash application. We will have best of both worlds (rich set of components from Flex and easy creating nice looking skins/animations from flash).

Officially, this is partially supported, but only in Flex direction using Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 But, this kit is only one-way : Flash user can only develop components/skins for Flex, but not via-versa.

So,.... FlexViaFlash (FVF) is little (not so little) framework that allows Flash developer to create and use Flex components. There are couple limitation but we will talk about this latter. First that you need to know is that your swf needs to load extern swf to work correctly. This swf is called FlexFrameworkForFlash.swf and it is pretty heavy (about 500KB), again, we will talk latter how to minimize framework size.

Naming conventions

Naming convention is similar to Flex, e.g:

- mx.controls.Button is mapped to com.fvf.controls.FVFButton
- mx.containers.Panel is mapped to com.fvf.containers.FVFPanel

In short, any FVF name is similar to Flex name, except that it has FVF prefix, and packages are named com.fvf. instead mx.

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